Our first floorball sticks were manufactured in 1971 and the brand Jolly was established already in 1972, it is fair to say that We are Pioneers in floorball.

Having our production and assembly facilities here in Sweden is a huge advantage. It gives us an unique possibility to run an advanced R&D department together with an efficient quality control.

Since developing the first sticks in 1971, we have come far in production techniques. We have developed many different models and experimented with many different materials over these 50+ years.

JOLLY has during the years had different owners. In 2023 LEKOHOJ AB acquired JOLLY. This means that JOLLY is now back in Tidaholm, where it once started…

Treat yourself and give them a try, we welcome you to join The Jolly Family!


/Jolly Floorball

CEO Fredrik Carlsson